Hello, Wilma here, and this is my first blog.

I feel like I am talking to the whole world but here goes: If you are or have already read my book, I would love to get feed back on it. It is the kind of book you can read several times and get more out each time. I might mention the history chapter is a bit boring so if you get bogged down there just skip that part. I feel the book is so related to the problems of young children today because of the fact that human nature has not changed. The struggle to be loved and accepted is very much the same today. I feel that my book can help young people and older ones also to understand each other better plus you have the fun of all the adventure and fun happening that Nagel goes through.

Thanks for reading this and try my book I think you will love it! Please get back to me after you read it at least once.

Still writing and painting ,

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